10 Things to Avoid on your First Date

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Are you worried that you might mess up your most awaited first date? Do you wish to ensure that you avoid the dating mistakes that can make you loss the chances of having another date with the guy you like? Do you desire to know the dating mistakes you mustn’t allow to happen on your special day? Gay dating can sometimes be very tricky. This is really true, especially if you’ve recently placed yourself back out on market after a long, serious relationship or if you’re relatively new to gay dating world. Here are the 10 things you need to avoid on your first date:

1. Avoid being late – one of the most common dating mistake is tardiness. If you will show up late it will leave a negative impact or impression on your date. It can make him think that the date isn’t really important to you and you’re not interested in him. Moreover, it can lead to a boring and awkward atmosphere for both of you and you’ll sure not enjoy this.

2. Avoid being obvious – Among the things you need to avoid on your first date is being obvious about how you feel towards your date. If you find him too irresistible and you’re eager to get a kiss then you mustn’t show that you’re desperate for it. You need to show that you interested in him in subtle ways so he can be comfortable in making his moves on you.

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3. Avoid being aggressive – let him do the move for you. Initiating gesture show that you want to kiss might will only turn him off. This is one of the things you should really avoid on your first date. Just let your conversation flow smoothly and allow him to feel at ease first.

4. Beware of how much information you share with him – It is normal for a person you’re meeting on first date to be curious of who you are. Be open and share only the basics, including where you’re from, what you do, and thing your think interesting, but be careful not to overshare information about you (e.g. Current salary)

5. Asks question but don’t interview – Probably, you have lots of question you want to ask about your date. It is just normal to want to know if both of you is a match based on the shared interest. However, you need to understand that there’s a big different between being curious and turning the questions asked into an interview. Just keep the conversation light and fun.

6. Avoid sexual topics – Asking your date if he’s a bottom or top on your first date is not a good idea. Sexual compatibility is really important, however if the first date is focused on sex-related topic, you’re only ruining the date.

7. Avoid trying so hard just to impress your date – don’t impress him by taking your first date on an expensive restaurant or placing on airs. Also don’t pretend that you hold interest in thing that you really don’t give a damn care about.

8. Have only one drink – Just take a glass of alcohol. The reason is because drinking too much on your first date sends an unintentional message that you want alcohol to enjoy yourself, or worst, you might come off as really sloppy.

9. Don’t ask what he thought – if you want to know if your date had fun, it would be best to let him know first that you really enjoyed the date. If he responds, that’s great, but if doesn’t, then just let it be. The main idea here is to leave the process unfold as it was meant to be. No need to enforce an outcome you desire.

10. Don’t turn the date into a hookup – This is easier said than done, especially if the two of you have a very powerful sexual energy. However whatever you do, don’t hookup on your first date. The reason is because putting it out too soon means you’re ruining the chances of adventure.