12 Practical Dating Tips for Gay Men

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12 Practical Dating Tips for Gay Men

For most part, gay men are just like everyone else in terms of dating. They are searching or love, attention, and affection. Just like their straight counterparts, gay also desire commitment, companionship, and connection.

Unfortunately, gay dating pool fiercely competitive. So, rather than fighting over the newest man on the community, here are the some practical dating tips for gay men:

1. Live life to the max – Having a full life places you in great charge of achieve your own happiness and places you on less dependency and emphasis on looking for someone to make you complete. You need to be whole as a person first before entering and cultivating a healthy relationship. By completely developing yourself, you’ll definitely become very attractive.

2. Know who you really are, your needs, as well as your goals and values in life. This can take you far as your dive into the gar dating world. Have a clear purpose and vision to help you grounded and focused on your quest.

3. Look at your relationship history and identify the behaviors that worked for you and the ones didn’t. Determine the obstacles that stopped you from being engaged in the relationships that you desire to have.

4. Don’t confuse compatibility and chemistry – While that kind of “Spark” is important, the enduring qualities of a person are what matters most in laying a foundation for a successful long term relationship.

5. Identify if you’re really prepared for a relationship and know your real motives – One of the major relationship destroyers is not being capable of being completely present, being distracted by other people’s issues or needs, and having more priorities that fights with the relationship. Create a vision and develop self-esteem to accomplish real relationship readiness.

6. Don’t be in a dating relationship what is not working, just for the purpose of starving off the loneliness or fear of hurting other people’s feelings. Learn to be assertive and be direct with your feelings and needs.

7. Do not bail out of the dating relationship at first signal of trouble – Understand that relationships take great effort and conflicts as these are the necessary precursors to a much deeper intimacy and connection. Know what is missing, what barriers block your way, and know if a negotiation is still possible. A relationship without a healthy conflict means no growth at all.

8. Be proactive in achieving the things you want and always take the responsibility for whatever happens.

9. Directly face you fears – Know that you’re really worthy and deserving to be in a relationship.

10. Establish a support network – Make sure to surround yourself only with positive people who can affirm and support you with your decisions.

11. Be careful of being engaged in a hookup if your goal is to meet someone for a long-term relationship. Be sure to always place yourself in situations where you’re more likely to meet men with the same goals as you.

12. Trust – this is the basis of everything. As a gay man, one of the most difficult obstacles you need to face is to trust that it is okay to being gay. If you completely trust yourself and eliminated all the doubts about who you really are, you can certainly achieve all the things you want.

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