10 Best Dating Tips for Gay Men

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Whether you’re bi-curious bisexual or gay, looking for a great date can be a very daunting task, especially if you’re stepping out of the line for the first time. What should you wear? Where should you go? What do you need to say? With all these questions in your mind, one thing is for sure, be relaxed and just act yourself. Below 10 best dating tips for gay men that are aimed to help you make a successful date.

1. Location – Picking a right meeting place is crucially important. You have to agree meeting at a place that’s neutral, not too far away from your dwelling and you have to be familiar with the place. Also, you would want to choose a location that’s not too rowdy or noisy, more like a peaceful and quiet place where both of you can communication and heard effectively.

2. Focus my dear! Dating can also be extremely nerve racking and tense at time, especially if you’re the shy or quite type. One thing you need to remember is to carefully listen to what you date is saying, so that you can connect and relate yourself more easily.

3. A bit of give and take – Ask a lot of questions as you like, share the conversation, feel free to share more about yourself, but you also need to listen and be courteous to what your date as to say.

4. Past is past – Leave the past and completely refrain from mentioning about your negative relationship experiences and past relationships. Keep in mind that every first date means a new start and it should be treated like on. That’s why you need to be optimistic and confident, stick to present, and look forward to future.

5. Radiate – Always be positive and show you inner glow. There’s nothing like an optimistic and positive person. It presents high confidence level, which is without a doubt very attractive in a lot of people’s eyes. Always think positive and leave your negative buried underground.

6. Hump or not? – It has been confirmed time and time again that a one night stand or casual hookup encounters don’t last the test of time or over 24 hours for that matter. If that’s what you’re looking, then, just play it safe, otherwise you might want to concentrate more on the conversation and just leave the sex for the next time. This will show your date that you’re really interest and wish to take the matters much further.

7. Easy come, easy go – There’s no need to take things quickly or in rush. Take enough time, and give yourself and your date time to breath and discover what you really feel about each other. It’s not advisable to be very serious at the early stages of the dating process. This might scare off your date easily who may not be prepared for a commitment or relationship.

8. Be honest – There’s no point in always beating around the bush. Always be true to your feelings towards your date and yourself. If you’re not getting the right attention that you deserve, make yourself be heard. If your interests aren’t reciprocated, direct the attention on someone who can appreciate it. Likewise, if your lose interest or grow dissatisfied in your date, let it be known as soon as possible.

9. Respect – Treat your date with similar level of respect as you think you also deserve. There’s no point in playing games and wasting time, if you’re not interest, have the courage to let them go instead of taking them on an uncertain date.

10. Stop Comparing – You’re unique, special and no one can compete with you. Stop comparing yourself with someone as it will just lead you to nowhere and ruin your relationship.

Meeting someone new is quite hard, let alone dating them. With these 10 gay dating tips, we wish you the best happiness and luck in dating the guy that you desire and deserve.